About Us

We were founded in 2005, started by a few enthusiasts but nowadays with 50 or so members.

We run two types of event, always in evenings in the Llangadog Community Hall:

• on the first Saturday of every month from October to May we show a film that has broad appeal, maybe a popular recent one that has good ratings that many or most members have not seen yet, or something from a few years ago that members are pleased to watch even though some of us may have seen it before

• on the third Friday of every month from October to April we show something less well-known that has been highly rated but is maybe a bit different, perhaps black and white even, or is in a foreign language, or features particularly interesting acting or photography, or is based on a special real or imaginary story that is worth being reminded about, or a combination of these good things – we call these evenings “Buffs’ Nights”.

The Saturday events are as much social as about the film.   Everyone coming brings a dish of food to share so we share a buffet meal at tables, with wine and soft drinks available to buy.  We sit and chat for an hour or so before clearing everything away and enjoying the film.

On Fridays we meet for half an hour or so before the film for drinks and nibbles.

Details of our current films programme can be found on our Films Programme page.