Films Programme

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Our next presentation

3 February    Their Finest (2017)                    Genre: drama                  1hr 57min            Cert 12
Cast includes:                  Gemma Arterton,    Sam Claflin,     Bill Nighy

A big-hearted and witty drama about the making of a second world war propaganda
film. Catrin has left the Welsh valleys to be with her lover, a struggling artist, but a job
at the Ministry of Information’s film division gives her opportunities she couldn’t have
imagined before the war. The film shows the savage uncertainty of life during wartime,
but also the quiet revolution in wartime sexual politics. Bill Nighy brings humour as a
vain, ageing star. Pembrokeshire beaches used for filming stand in for the Cornish
ones in the screenplay!

16 February         Frantz (2016)               Genre: historical drama     1hr 53min       Cert 12
Cast includes Paula Beer, Pierre Niney

In 1919, a young woman in Germany who is grieving for her fiancé killed in the
trenches, is surprised when she encounters a Frenchman visiting his grave. This is a
beautiful and very touching love story exploring national and personal identity, in a
world in which forgiveness is not easily won.
German and French with English subtitles

Buffs’ nights will continue to be on Friday evenings. This one will be  in Llangadog Community Centre as usual – in the small hall. We will start the film at 7.30 pm but will be there from 7.00pm when we will have the opportunity to have a glass of wine or a soft drink and some simple nibbles and a chat. (There will be a small charge for the drinks).  Please arrive about 7.20pm at the latest for the film. Just turn up and pay on the night. Tickets cost £5.00 for a member and £6.00 for a guest. We really do need more support for these evenings so please spread the word about them.


3 March                  My Cousin Rachel (2017)     Genre: romantic mystery         1hr 45 min    Cert 12
Cast includes Rachel Weisz, Sam Claflin

Based on a Daphne du Maurier novel and, like Rebecca, largely set in Cornwall, this is
a mystery thriller. An inexperienced 25-year-old man becomes infatuated with an
older woman with a secret. Weisz plays an accomplished manipulator, a character who
constantly keeps us guessing as to her motives and actions.


16 March          Departures (2009)     Genre: drama         2hr 10min       Cert 12
Cast includes Masahiro Motoki, Tsotumi Yamazaki, Ryoku Hirosue

This film gives an astonishing and very entertaining look into Japanese social
behaviour and customs. It tells the story of a young married cellist who finds himself
jobless when his orchestra has to close down. He decides to move back to his
hometown to look for work and answers an job advertisement he thinks is for a travel
agency only to find it is for something completely different. The job is for a ‘Nokanshi’,
a funeral professional. Despite the subject, the film is funny, moving, tender and
profound, and through his experiences with the dead and their families the young man
discovers the wonder, joy and meaning to life and living.

7 April      Hidden Figures (2016)        Genre: biographical drama   2hrs 7 mins  Cert PG
Cast included Taraji P Henson, Octavian Spencer, Janelle Monae, Kevin Costner

Hidden Figures tells the story of a team of female African-Americans and their vital
role working in NASA during the early years of the space programme, as the brains
behind one of the greatest feats in history, the launch into orbit of astronaut John
We all know about the space race between the Russians and the USA but this film
reveals the backdrop of the role of women and the prejudices that were prevalent,
particularly against non-whites. Had those prejudices not been put aside by
enlightened individuals thereby allowing women to compete with men based on ability,
the space race may well have had a different outcome. I found this an extremely well
acted and crafted film which showed the determination that these black women had to
be treated equally.

20 April      A Man Called Ove (2015)      Genre: comedy, drama, romance  1hr 51min  Cert 15
Cast includes Rolf Lassgard, Bahar Pars, Filipino Berg

Ove, an ageing curmudgeon living in a Swedish housing estate, spends his days
enforcing the housing association rules, visiting his wife’s grave and planning his
suicide. When a young family moving in next door accidentally back into Ove’s
postbox, he is predictably enraged at the stupidity and incompetence that seems to
plague him. But his new neighbours are undaunted by his fury, and their concern and
warmth, although unwelcome at first, send Ove’s life spiralling in a different direction.
A film that is both poignant and funny.
Swedish with English subtitles

5 May    Loving Vincent (2017)        Genre: animation, biography, crime        Cert 12         1hr 34 min

 Cast includes Douglas Booth, Chris Dowd, John Sessions, Helen McCrory

In this beautiful animation, each frame was hand painted by a team of artists who
adopted the recognisable Van Gogh style. The film is set a year after Vincent’s death,
when Armand, the son of Postman Roulin who was a friend and subject of several Van
Gogh paintings, tries to deliver the artist’s last letter. In his quest, Armand’s travels
through the landscapes Vincent loved to paint and meets many people who not only
knew Vincent but were also the subjects of his paintings. In doing so, Armand
becomes fascinated by the story Vincent’s troubled life and begins to question the
accepted version of his death.
Watching this film is like stepping into a van Gogh landscape and meeting many of the